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Bethany Grabert grew up in South Louisiana and has been involved with visual art since a young age. Prior to living as a working artist, she received a BFA, concentration in Ceramics, with a minor in Art History, from Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. She has been working primarily with clay for the last nine years, exploring sculptural, installation, and utilitarian forms. Her sculptural works have been exhibited in cities across the United States including New Orleans, New York City, Minneapolis, and Tampa.

Her artwork is directly inspired by her personal experiences with a cultural upbringing in the deep rural South, sexism, domestic abuse, and a crippling female reproductive system disorder. She not only directly expresses the physical, and often hidden, repercussions of being a woman in our society, but also reclaims agency over the female body- its shape, its perception, its relationship to the public gaze. She works mainly in clay but incorporates mixed media to achieve surreal, hyper-realistic figurative sculptures.


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