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Prior to living as a working artist, I received a BFA, with a concentration in Ceramics, from Nicholls State University. I have been working primarily with Clay through the last decade; exploring sculptural, installation, and utilitarian forms. I often incorporate mixed media to achieve surreal, hyper-realistic figurative sculptures. My Sculptures have been exhibited in cities across the United States including New Orleans, New York City, Minneapolis and Tampa.

Growing up amidst conservative Roman Catholics in South Louisiana, I found solace at a young age through mentorship with an older Cajun painter. Art has helped me cope with oppression and trauma throughout my life. All of my art thus far has been driven, in one form or another, by my identity as a woman. I am influenced by both personal and sociopolitical history: sexism, culture, religion, my upbringing and abuse, and my ongoing struggle with a female reproductive system disorder.


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